Currently About Heldervalley Community Learning Centre

In the last year Heldervalley has had many challenges.  However despite these challenges we have continued to make advances in our contributions to the development of our Helderberg Community.  We have grabbed a hold of every opportunity to build our relationship with the community and with the children who we are primarily focused on helping.  Our objective is to help them overcome the difficulties they encounter within the current education system, not to mention the difficult domestic circumstances most of them face at home. Conversations with our local Principals have been ongoing and we hope to continue to build a more substantial platform where we can reach out to their needs, be a greater support to the teachers in the way of mentorship with training and other means of encouragement.  We have seen examples of this working within other areas and the impact it has had on teachers and pupils alike has been phenomenal.  The good news is that the parents in and around the Helderberg Center are serious about their children receiving extra assistance and have been very sincere about expressing their need for our centre.  We are still in the development phase of monitoring the impact of our focused support on the educational development of learners within our community.

CAMI educational System

We remain convinced that our investment in using the CAMI educational system is our best option and best serves the interests of our community.  What they are is what we want to align ourselves with.  The fact that it is tailored for the South African Educational Framework is unique.

Here is a segment of what CAMI stands for:

The demands on educational departments, learners and educators to improve their numeracy and literacy proficiencies are distressingly high. Learners need to be sculpted to become effective contributors to the economy of the world.

Therefore, the need for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is greater than ever before. ICT is an important enabler for effective teaching and learning. Emphasis on empowering educators and learners is essential to improve numeracy and literacy skills.

CAMI provides an opportunity for individuals to build human capital and facilitate employability, to enhance their quality of life and contribute to the realisation of their dreams and aspirations.

We have found the system to be user friendly and well suited to the children we are assisting.  We will continue to build on the success and are hoping to report on significant growth with regards to the children’s all round growth, mentally and emotionally.


Over the past three months, a number of Learners have gone on Development Camps, Outings to corporate’s and Community Concerns. The younger children have benefited immensely from various volunteers, extra mural activities and ongoing involvement in their lives. Their transformation is clear for all to see.


Our work is ongoing and requires ongoing focus and commitment from us as leaders, in a project that is ongoing and long term.  Through a long established relationship with the community, trust will continue to be built and transformation engendered in the community.

Op Die Plaas

The Pre-School ‘Op Die Plaas’ has increased its numbers to 60 from January 2016 and still has a waiting list. The facility is concentrating on Early Childhood Development and the feedback we are receiving from local Primary Schools that they progress into, is that the children are well prepared and advanced in all areas.


The facilities overall still requires considerable work in order to increase our ability to cater for the needs of accommodating the 50 children and teenagers, plus 60 preschoolers. This does not even take into account children from adjoining farms within our area who are wanting to be included in our program.


Besides operational budget costs which have been generously supported by Pernod Ricard, we have campaigned to involve local farmers and business alike.  The latter are beginning to see the benefits of the Center within the Community and have commenced making contributions to the Center.

Over the last 6 months various goals have been reached, seeing the building being painted, the roof fixed, the basement partly renovated, the preschool being upgraded and various equipment being purchased.

We managed to pave half of the driveway which has been a key need for the last year. We remain committed to completing this project so as to provide volunteers who serve at the Centre and Preschool a safe place to park in the lower parking area. We remain committed to the wonderful development of our community in the Helderberg region